On the 4th of June 2016 we were delighted to provide the wines for the wedding of Dave and Marina O’Connor – good friends of Drink Portuguese Wine.


The wedding was a fantastic event held in the beautiful town São Martinho do Porto on Portugal’s Silver Coast. The day was accompanied with traditional Portuguese folk music played by some incredible local musicians – a group known as Abilius. In recognition of the bride and groom’s Scottish and Russian heritage Abilius played bagpipes on the beach for the ceremony and some wonderful Russian music as guests settled down for the wedding breakfast at the local restaurant Boca do Mar.

Portuguese wine

The first course for the meal was a powerful lobster bisque. To accompany the Lobster bisque we drank the Alenquer White Wine from the Lisboa region. The crisp white wine worked perfectly by contrasting the rich lobster bisque and keeping the palette fresh.




The following course was a shellfish selection. The course consisted of an enormous quantity of prawns, oysters, lobster and mussels. To match this course we drank the white Lisboa wine Velhos Tempos and the Vale da Calada Rosé from the Alentejo region. Both of these wines are excellent accompaniments for chilled shellfish. The lingering finish of the Velhos Tempos was an absolute pleasure with the lobster and the prawns, whilst the acidity of the Vale da Calada Rosé was perfect with the oysters and mussels.




Wedding dayFor the main course we were given a choice of Steak served with both Bearnaise sauce and pepper sauce or rabbit casserole or sea bass. To accompany the steak we drank the Vale da Calada red wine and the Vale de Lobos single-variety Touriga Nacional. Both of these wines are beautiful and smooth and they have excellent body – ideal for red meat! For the rabbit the choice was once again the Vale de Calada Rosé and the Alenquer. For the sea bass the Alenquer and the Velhos Tempos proved to be excellent choices.


Finally to deserts and for toasting the bride and groom – there was no doubt that the ideal wine was the Calçada sparkling wine from the Vinho Verde region. Always one of our best selling wines and perfect for any special occasion. The Calçada sparkling wine is a superb, elegant wine with a wonderful acidity that compliments sweets and deserts perfectly.


Of course the highlight of the day was seeing our good friends getting married but we were honoured to have a part to play in supplying the wines.


Wedding event If you are planning on putting on an event, why not get in touch to discuss the wines? We would be delighted to offer advice to help you to select the best wines to match your food and we can arrange tastings ahead of the event to help you to decide on the best wines.You can also check out our friends at sayitwithchampers.co.uk  to add the personal touch to any event.

To a long and happy future together Dave and Marina!








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