Kasta White

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Kasta white wine is a very enjoyable white wine produced from some of the classic grapes used in the Douro region of Portugal. The wine is exceptional value for money.

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Kasta White


Douro DOC


Viosinho, Rabigato and Gouveio




A white wine with wonderful notes of peach and tropical fruits. The wine has a persistent finish and it is beautifully balanced to make for a truly enjoyable, refreshing drink.



Winemaking process

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We think

Kasta white wine is incredible value for money and it is a wonderful example of a white wine from the Douro Valley. We’re sure that you will love this wine and you will be astonished by the quality of the wine for the price.

Experts say

Gold Medal at CWSA 2014

17 reviews for Kasta White

  1. Pat

    This is so easy to drink I can’t believe it’s a 13% volume wine.
    It’s got a beautiful clarity, a nice acidic balance and really lovely peach notes. And oh so smooth.
    I’ve given some 5 star reviews to whites on this site. At the price this is the best pound for pound white on here in my opinion. This may now take the place of the Vale d’Aldeia as my house white.
    I recommend you add a bottle of this to your next order. I’ve just ordered another three!
    5 stars; no question

  2. Kate

    Mmmm! This is a great white!

  3. alistair.ayres

    Lovely wine. Great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc. Give it a try!

  4. James Clark


  5. James Morris

    Sophisticated and very well balanced.

  6. Nicola Lockwood

    Smells Italian. Stops quickly in the mouth. It’s Lemony, I love it!

  7. Patricia Cadden

    Nice wine, but not as punchy as the Alenquer, which I enjoyed more.

  8. Gareth Ashton

    5 stars!

  9. Marc Morgan

    Mellow and chic. Very balanced.

  10. Stephen Tang

    Deep and sophisticated flavours, all in harmony.

  11. Ann Brennan

    Perfect with a curry.

  12. Shelley Shenker

    Very smooth and rich.

  13. Louise West

    Would go well with Asian food, either Thai or curry.

  14. Camilla McBrearty

    Nice flavour, good with light dinner. Fruity and modern!

  15. Chris Reynolds

    Really delicious. Pale and dry. Yummy, yummy, in my tummy. Would drink all day.

  16. Chris Perry

    Minerals, peach, grass and gooseberry.

  17. emma

    Good wine

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