Mixed case of 12 Port wines


Needless to say, a bottle of Port is not just for Christmas. That said, this selection of 12 bottles of Port could certainly help make anybody’s Christmas fabulous! This is a great selection of 12 bottles intended to showcase some of the different styles of Port wine. This is a mixed case of wine that includes 2 bottles each of a Ruby Port, a Tawny Port, a White Port, a Pink Port, a Reserve Port and a Late Bottled Vintage Port. This is a fabulous way to discover Port wines!

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This is a wonderful selection for people curious to discover the differing styles and flavours that Port wine can offer. The mixed case includes 2 bottles each of a Tawny Port, a Ruby Port, a Pink Port, a white Port, a Late Bottled Vintage Port and a delicious Reserve Port. Embrace all things Port with this delicious selection to enjoy with family and friends.



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