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The Adega do Salvador winery is located in the beautiful city of Amarante in the Vinho Verde region of the North of Portugal. The city is situated approximately 60kms east of Porto.

Adega do Salvador

Winemaking first took place in the Casa da Calçada, a stunning 16th century Baroque palace built for the Count of Redondo. During the Napoleonic wars the allied forces of the UK and Portugal used the palace until it was destroyed in a fire. Subsequently the palace was purchased and rebuilt by the Pereiro do Lago family.





António do Lago Cerqueira was born to the palace in 1880 and he became one of the key politicians of the First Republic. Whilst in exile in France, Lago Cerqueira studied wine production and specialised in the latest sowing techniques for vineyards; he also used his time to write books about Portuguese wines. On returning to the palace, Lago Cerqueira used his time applying his knowledge of vine growth and wine production in the vineyards that surround the Casa da Calçada. The use of these “new” techniques did not sit well with his neighbours and he was branded a lunatic. But over time the vineyards flourished and Lago Cerqueira became one of the key wine producers of the Vinho Verde region and his modern approach to wine making was soon copied throughout Portugal. Even to this day the vineyards that Lago Cerqueira planted (the oldest in the Vinho Verde region) are still well maintained and the old vines are producing fruit of an exceptional quality.


Restaurant in Casa da Calçada

In 2001 the palace was refurbished and converted to a 5-star luxury hotel. Visitors are now drawn to the hotel, not only for the incredible facilities and the opulent décor but also for the restaurant that has been recognised as one of the best in Europe and awarded a Michelin star under chef José Cordeiro. The current chef Vito Matos has maintained that standard and the restaurant continues to make history and define quality. Needless to say, guests dining in the restaurant can enjoy the incredible wines of the Adega do Salvador with their meals.


old vineyards of the Casa da Calçada

Although the old vineyards are still in operation, the majority of the wine production of the Adega do Salvador is now managed in vineyards near to the palace. The vines grown are typical of the Vinho Verde region and include the classic varieties Alvarinho, Arinto, Azal, Loureiro and Vinhão.





The portfolio of wines produced by the Adega do Salvador beautifully reflects the potential of the Vinho Verde region. The emphasis is, of course, on white wines, though they also produce divine rosé wines and even a red wine in the Lago Cerqueira range.

Wine production facilities at the Adega do Salvador.

The selection of wines caters for all budgets but there is no compromise on the quality of the wines. The Lago Cerqueira range offers wines that are exceptional value for money. The wines are very low cost and they are thoroughly enjoyable.





The best known of the wines produced by the Adega do Salvador are within the Quinta da Calçada range. These include their Terroir, Exuberant, Reserve and Rosé wines. These wines are hugely popular both within Portugal and throughout the world. The wines within the Quinta da Calçada range are more complex than the Lago Cerqueiro wines and they exhibit wonderful qualities. The Exuberant wine has a fantastic, fresh and intense flavour; the Reserve is beautifully elegant and it benefits from 9 months in French oak barrels.

Preparing grapes at the Adega do Salvador

Within the Portal da Calçada range is a beautiful, light Rosé Vinho Verde wine and also a Reserva Vinho Verde wine that exemplifies the classic Vinho Verde – light, fresh and citrus with a slight effervescence. Special mention should go to the Portal da Calçada Espumante (Sparkling) wine – a fantastic sparkling wine that stands head and shoulders above the majority of sparkling wines of a similar price.



Barrels of Quinta da Calcada wine

With the portfolio of wines of the Adega do Salvador the winemaker João Cabral Almeida has captured all of the fantastic qualities that come from the wines of the Vinho Verde region. With passion, dedication and talent João has made a selection of unforgettable wines and he has succeeded in making them affordable too. We’re extremely proud to offer our customers the wines of the Adega do Salvador and we’re certain that you will enjoy them as much as we do.



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Vineyards of the Adega do Salvador