It’s great to see that Portuguese wine has now been recognised as the best value wine available in UK supermarkets! An extensive study of over 4000 wines by Wotwine has found Portuguese wine to be the best value wine available in the UK.

In recent years Portugal has made huge strides in terms of improving the standards of the wines. There is no doubt that Portugal is now producing some of the best wines in the world and this fact is now beginning to be recognised.

Whilst the world is in the process of discovering Portuguese wine, there is now an opportunity for wine lovers to buy wine of a higher quality for less cost.

There are a number of reasons why Portuguese wine is better value than other wines however there are a couple of key factors. Firstly, Portuguese salaries are unusually low for a western European country. The low wages mean that the production costs are reduced and the wines can be sold at a more competitive price.

Secondly, until now the quality of Portuguese wine has not been fully recognised. Portugal has not been a country on the map for a lot of wine lovers. We have become accustomed to searching for wines from some of the old favorites in Europe such as France, Italy and Spain. We have also seen the supermarkets flooded with New World wines such as those produced in Australia, South Africa and Chile. Portuguese wine has been under the radar for many of us but that is now starting to change. Portuguese wines are performing consistently well in wine tournaments and now we are seeing the world taking notice of the amazing wines produced in Portual.

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