Girls, stop everything you’re doing right now and listen up. Dry January… if you succumbed to over! But the diet plan is still in place right? The bikini body has 5 months to surface and it ‘aint going to happen by itself.

Well I’m here to tell you that from now on it doesn’t need to be miserable on the wine front.

It turns out that our zealous diet experts missed that Vinho Verde, a type of white wine from Portugal, has a lot less sugar, calories and alcohol than its brothers and sisters.

If you don’t know what ‘Vinho Verde’ is don’t worry… it’s only just starting to find it’s place on the shelves of local wine shops.

Vinho Verde is lighter than other whites. It comes from northern Portugal and the name means it’s a young wine, picked and bottled early before the grapes are fully ripe. They are sometimes slightly fizzy… (on the road to a Prosecco) and they are bursting with yummy flavours. This isn’t a watery diet wine. It’s a fabulous wine with great character that just happens to be very low in calories and goes perfectly with a salad.

Wine buffs say that Vinho Verde is about to ride a global sales wave in much the same way that New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc did.

So gone are the days of squeezing wine into the diet plan with a measure that resembles the size of an egg cup.

I hope like me, your day just brightened up. Order from our range of Vinho Verde wines today and have them delivered to your door.