An Introduction to Portuguese Wine

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This is an exciting introduction to Portuguese wine, a great way to experience some of the wonderful wine flavours that are unique to Portugal. The selection includes full-bodied red wines from the Douro and also light, refreshing wines characteristic of the Vinho Verde region.

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Portuguese wine has come a long way since the glory days of Mateus Rosé and our mission is to show you that Portugal is one of the finest wine producing countries on the planet. The first step is this mixed case of 12 wines which showcases the diversity and quality of wine from Portugal.

We have carefully selected, from our ever expanding portfolio, twelve bottles from five distinct and unique wine producing regions. You will be able to compare and contrast the different styles, flavours and grapes on offer and begin to appreciate the appeal of Portuguese wine.

There is a lot of information about Portuguese wine on our website, but there is no substitute for cracking open a few bottles for yourself and finding out why Portuguese wines are so special. In each case you will find 5 red wines, 4 white wines, a Vinho Verde and a Port. The wines included in this selection have been chosen because they embody characteristics that are typical of the regions from which they come.

Wine from Portugal is incredibly good value for money and outperforms supermarket competition at every price point in terms of quality and taste. We feel that you can not get wine this good, for this price at your local supermarket – even when they have “special offers”.

This case is also a great way to get to know the incredible wineries we deal with, most of them don’t have any other representation in the UK, so this is the only way you can taste their amazing wine.





Please note: Selections may vary but the quality and the value of the wines included will always be paramount.

1 review for An Introduction to Portuguese Wine

  1. James

    I gave this box as a Christmas present as knew I would still be able to ‘sample’ much of it myself! Both the recipients and I were equally pleased with this excellent selection! Excellent!

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