Quinta Vale d’Aldeia White

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A beautiful, white wine from the Quinta Vale d’Aldeia, one of the most exciting wineries of the Douro region. Beautiful structure and finish.

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Quinta Vale d’Aldeia White


Douro DOC


Viosinho, Rabigato and Gouveio.




A wonderful white wine from the Douro region. The wine has a slightly tropical taste and a beautiful persistent finish. A really well-structured wine with great depth to the flavours.



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We think

This is a wonderfully well-structured wine that will be a delight on a hot summer day. Fantastic flavours for a wine under £10.

Experts Say

Gold at Mundus Vini 2014

3 reviews for Quinta Vale d’Aldeia White

  1. Pat

    I’ve waited to review this wine until my 3rd bottle, just because I wanted to be sure I liked it as much as I initially thought. And I do!

    This is a really refreshing and crisp wine. Lovely colour and tropical flavours that dance in the mouth. A pleasing level of acidity with perhaps hints of passion fruit and pineapple, at least to my mind. The flavour lingers pleasantly on the palate. If you like some of the decent new world Sauvignon Blancs on the market then give this a try and see how it compares. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    If you have a budget for a bottle of wine and your upper limit is a tenner then this will give you plenty of value for your hard earned.
    Currently this is my “house” white. Really drinkable. Really interesting flavours. Really good value It’s a five from me

  2. alistair.ayres

    I really like this wine. If like me, you have mainly been drinking NZSB for the last few years and want to try something new then this is a great place to start. It’s clean and crisp, easy to drink.

  3. James Morris

    This is exceptional value for money at this price. Bright citrus and tropical notes, a touch of minerality and excellent acidity balancing it all out. This kicks butt out of its competitors.

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